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MR AND MRS KOGBEREGBE, a family sitcom The drama is an enriched way of symbolically expressing and resolving internal marital issues, and also to throw light on the most obvious social empathy to exude a sense of intimacy. The dramatic way of expressing and analyzing these issues have over the years won the hearts of the viewers, so much that testimonials flood in on daily basis on how much the programe has helped Nigerians keep peace in their homes.

           The show

Family oriented television show, explores the diverse issues that could diminish romance in wedlock. Also, the show celebrates marriages all across the country and showcases the culture and tradition of Nigeria / Africa.

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    Movie Screening: Sun,            21st April. 2019 21 

Borders the movie  Produced by Mr and Mrs kogberegbe

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 Season 5/6, showing on Africa Magic Yoruba


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