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Mr.& Mrs. Kogberegbe, the renowned family sitcom produced by Creative Village Productions, started seven years ago. The project has been anchored over the years by two multi-talented broadcasters. Olanrewaju Olakanlu - Actor, tv presenter, motivational speaker and author; alongside Dunni Badru, Broadcaster and Actress. The duo has grown very admirable chemistry over the years, having launched the concept of the series on the famous Murhi International Television (MITV), Lagos.    

After two fruitful years of anchoring the program on MITV, Multichoice Nigeria, the largest cable network in Africa, could not but notice the program?s popularity and effect on the viewers. Mr & Mrs. Kogberegbe was adopted on Africa Magic Yoruba, Channel 157 DSTV. Dunni and Lanre have been content providers and producers for the last seven seasons on Africa Magic.

To conform with technological advancements, the producers of the program moved to Texas, the USA in 2013 where they have shot well over 4 seasons and this have been applauded by their teeming fans.